Deposit Options at Safe USA Sportsbooks

Winning money through a lottery or a parlor game is one thing, but using your sports knowledge to pull in a three-ticket parlay at a safe USA sportsbooks is quote another affair. The fun factor is upped aplenty, and the stakes are usually higher. The first thing you must do however is add funds to your account so you can start betting. The best online books out there at the moment offer plenty of ways to deposit cash, so anyone and everyone will have no problem loading their accounts.

This page will show you how to find a good sportsbook, make a deposit, take advantage of some excellent bonuses, and wager your money safely. You will learn about the fastest deposit methods as well as the slower ones, and the limits, speeds, and fees that go along with each method. After reading this page, you will be more than prepared to join one of the leading U.S. sportsbooks and start betting on your favorite teams.

Are Online Sportsbook Deposits Legal?

Yes, online sportsbook deposits are legal. Deposits are regulated by the federal government. There are three main laws that dictate whether or not a site can serve American players. Although the Wire Act does not affect payouts, you should probably be familiar with it. It requires online betting sites to function overseas in order for American players to use them. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) is the law that affects money transfers, but it mostly affects payouts. Finally, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) bans sports betting in all states except for Nevada and Delaware. I mention these laws just so you will have a passing familiarity with them. The bottom line is that deposits are legal. When you make a deposit into your account, it is technically not money but credit. It is similar to the way you exchange money for chips at a casino.

Are Online Sportsbook Deposits Safe?

Yes, deposits are very safe. Whenever you send money to your account, you are doing so over a secure server. Banks have their own security systems, and so do sports betting sites. Both are encrypted, which means that anyone trying to hack into the site will just see scrambled code that can only be unlocked with a special key. The sites employ security teams that monitor site traffic and usage. Also, firewalls and password protection add extra layers of security. The best safe USA sportsbooks have reputations of excellence and quality. They take customer satisfaction very seriously. They have gaming licenses and certificates of good standing. With millions of satisfied, happy members, you know that you can trust a safe sports betting site.

How Do I Make A Deposit?

Making a deposit is simple and takes just minutes. All you have to do is log into your account and find the tab that says either “funding methods” or “cashier.” You will see a list of available deposit methods. Each site has different methods, each with their own rules and regulations. Some have low minimums and high maximums; others do not have any fees; some are quicker than others are. You can click on any of these funding methods to see more information.

What Are The Most Popular Deposit Methods?

Using a credit/debit card is the most popular method. Most people have at least one. The nice thing about credit cards is that they are very fast. It takes almost no time at all to deposit money into your account. Person to person is also very popular. It is sometimes known as cash wire transfer, and uses either Western Union or MoneyGram as a third party carrier. It usually takes about 12 to 36 hours, but sometimes it takes less time. Money orders usually take under a week. They are nice if you are depositing a lot of money, because there usually is no maximum.

What Other Methods Are Available?

Also available are Amazon and Walmart gift cards. The Walmart gift card is nice because there are no fees and you can deposit any amount. If you want to try something more experimental, try bitcoin. The way it works is you make a bitcoin “wallet” and a bitcoin “address” which you can share with anyone you want to make a transaction with. You can make as many new bitcoin addresses as you wish, although you should never use an address more than once. You can check the bitcoin site to find out more.

Are There Minimums And Maximums?

Yes, there are. The amount depends on the deposit method and site you use. Credit and debit cards have minimums/maximums from anywhere between $25 and $3,500. The min/max for person to person/cash wire transfer is usually between $50 and $970. Money orders have a min/max of $50 to $970. Amazon gift cards include a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $200. Walmart gift cards have no minimums or maximums. Bitcoin’s minimum is around $20 and its maximum is about $3,500.

Are There Fees?

Yes, but it depends on the method and the site you use. Credit and debit cards have no fee on some sites, and on others, it is between 4 and 6 percent of the deposit. Person to person sets a fee of about 2 percent for every transaction, but the fee is covered if your deposit is over $300. Some sites include courier fees on money order deposits under $300, and some sites don’t charge a fee at all. If you look at the list of deposit methods on the site, you will be furnished with detailed information about fees.

Will I Get A Bonus When I Make My Deposit?

Yes, the best US sportsbooks will offer plenty of bonuses. Most sportsbooks will offer you a signup bonus that is good for anywhere between 25 and 50 percent on your first deposit. This is good incentive for joining. There are all sorts of deposit bonuses you can use, like reload bonuses. This is similar to the welcome bonus in that you get a certain percentage off of your deposit. You can get this bonus for every single deposit you make over a specified amount of money. The reload bonus is a great reason to bet often, because you save money every single time you make a deposit.

There are some strings attached to the bonus program. Rollover requirements and promo codes are included with all bonuses. Rollover means that you are required to wager a set amount of real cash before you can recoup your bonus. This may seem like a superfluous hoop to jump through, but if you look at it from the sportsbook’s perspective, it makes sense. They don’t want you to join the site, use the bonus, and quit the site without ever betting any money. The other requirement is a promo code. You must email this code to the site when you make your deposit. It’s the equivalent of a “rules and regulations” form that tells the site that you have read and understand the bonus requirements. Nevertheless, if you plan on betting often then you will be rewarded greatly.

Bovada Sportsbook - Safe, Secure Deposit Methods for US Players

Bovada SportsbookIn my early days of searching for the right online sportsbook, I came across a little site called Bovada. I was as happy as could be, since the book was extremely powerful and easy to use. I soon came to find out that this wasn’t a little site at all. In fact, it is one of the largest, oldest, most reputable online sportsbooks that accepts U.S. players. The site has been around in one way, shape, or form for over two decades, and only seems to get better with age. The recent overhaul has made the site even easier to explore, and I highly recommend it to new and old bettors alike.

The most important part of using an online sportsbook is how fast and safe you can get your money into your account so you can start betting. Bovada excels here by offering a few quick and secure methods. The most popular way is to simply use you credit/debit or prepaid card (Netspend, etc…). The site accepts MasterCard and Visa-branded cards, and the fee is only 4.9%, which is quite low for online sportsbooks. You can also use cash wire transfers via Western Union and MoneyGram to deposit. These are great if you are putting large amounts into your account, as there is no fee if it is over $300. Simply head to the cashier page once you’ve signed up, pick your method, and follow the instructions. It couldn’t be simpler.